Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here's Lucy!

Here is Lucy!! She's our 11 week old Golden Retriever. Small for now, but she will grow bigger! She's a happy little tail-wagger.
We adopted her from a family in Winnipeg. She seems to be adjusting to our family well. She loves to play fetch with her toys and she loves to give puppy kisses.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I know it's been a while!

Hi everyone! I guess my excuse for not blogging in a while is that we've been busy. Isn't it funny that we think we have all this time in the world to accomplish so much in our lives?! Since we've last blogged, we have done alot of work on our house. We painted all 3 bedrooms, changed all of the windows on the house, put in a new concrete driveway/patio/sidewalk, and built a double detached garage. The house is definitely coming along! We went on a family trip back in June for 10 days to Vancouver. We stayed with Paul and Cheryl and it was a great time! Julie finished her first year of elementary school. She 'graduated' from kindergarten - hard to believe it! We went camping to St. Malo with my side of the family to celebrate Mom's 50th birthday. We got a new pet - a Campbell dwarf hamster named Dizzle.
And we have another member in our extended family - Marty and Gisele welcomed a baby boy - Benjamin - on July 10th.
Here a few pictures to show the latest in our adventures. Enjoy!

Friday, April 27, 2007


It has been just over 1 month since K.C. was adopted from us. I'm sure many of you were aware that we had to give K.C. to a new home because of our allergies. To update you all, she was adopted on Saturday, March 17th, 2007 by a wonderful family in Wpg. The family has a stay-at-home mom, a dad, and 3 kids (ages 11-2). The family was eager to bring her home and that really made us feel good to give her to them. We have been updated on her status, and she is doing well. Although at first it was really hard to let her go, we now know that we had to do it, and we are assured that she is well taken care of.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Milestone for Julie

Boy does time ever fly by! I apologize for not updating this blog in over a month! And it's not that there is a lack of stuff to update on. Julie just reached another milestone in her life's journey.

She lost her first tooth!!!

Mommy was especially excited about this! Julie lost her #81 (baby central incisor to the right of her midline) on Saturday, February 24th, 2007.

This tooth had become noticeably loose only a week before. Mommy & Papa told Julie to help wiggle it out to make room for her adult tooth, that was already partially erupted lingually.

On the day it came out, we had gone tobogganing with Uncle Steve, Aidan, Cassidy, and Liam, and we all noticed the gums started bleeding around it. But it wasn't painful or anything for Julie. Then a few hours later, Julie was eating her lunch, and she just put her fingers into her mouth to retrieve the tooth. She looked at Mommy and basically said "Look at this - my tooth came out". Of course, Mommy was excited, so she got the camera right away to capture this important occasion! (And that's why Julie's face is dirty in the picture because we were so caught up in the moment, we didn't wash her face!)

And here is the tooth..............(pretty small, eh?!)

Julie put the tooth in her little pink heart shaped tooth pillow and put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy to collect.

Talk about inflation - the tooth fairy left Julie $5 for her first tooth! Mommy and Papa were sure teeth were only worth at the most $1 (or even less) when they were kids.

Julie decided to buy something from the store with her earnings. So she collected some more money from her piggy bank and headed over to the toy department at Walmart. She found a cute stuffed animal called 'Love & Licks Puppy.' This puppy dog barks, wags his tail, and even gives wet licks with it's tongue! Of course, Julie has name it Charlie, after Tante Gisele and Uncle Marty's daschund. But unlike the real Charlie, this one is a girl dog!!!

Julie is excited about loosing more teeth in the future, now that she knows it doesn't hurt when a tooth comes out, and of course, now that she knows she'll earn a monetary reward for it!!

**(Note to other parents out there - Apparently the first tooth is the most expensive tooth, so the rates do go down somewhat for the rest of the teeth - that is according to our sources!!)**

Sunday, January 21, 2007

.....and here is our little superhero!!

This is Ashton Carter Fontaine. He is 3 years old and he was born on November 25, 2003. Ashton loves to dress up in costumes, and lately his Superman costume has been his favourite!He likes to dress himself up, with little assistance, and then come out from his bedroom yelling "Supermannnnnn!!!" He has also dressed up as princesses, fairies, butterflies, unicorns and nurses, all courtesy of his sister Julie's old costumes! Some of the more 'neutral' costumes he's sported have been a dinosaur, a hippopotamus, and a fireman costume.

For those who know Ashton, he too is a child full of life. He is at the stage were he knows he's cute and he likes to capitalize on it! He truly is a little, goofy guy.

He is the youngest of two kids in our family, and he tries hard at times to keep up with his big sis Julie. And even though he's little, he's starting to be like a big boy. This comes out in episodes, such as when we're eating at the table ( he's starting to not like his booster seat), making breakfast (he wants to make toast like Julie does), and going to the potty (hopefully no more Pull-ups soon!!)

There is of course more I could say about Ashton, but there's just not enough room to tell you everything. If there was a way to sum up Ashton in words, I'd have to say he's a funny, adorable, loving, cute, and smiley little guy. As Mommy says, 'he's my little bud.'

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here's our princess!!

This is our princess, Julie Jeannine Fontaine. She was born on June 30th, 2001, in Winnipeg, MB.
It's hard to believe that this little girl has already grown up, somewhat. She's turning 6 years old this year, and she's currently in kindergarten and loving itl. Since having started school, her vocabulary has really improved, especially her french vocab! (all those years of Denis and his family speaking French to her are paying off!!)
She's played soccer 2 years in a row now, and been in swimming lessons since she was 3 years old.
She's a social butterfly, not shy at all to make new friends.
She's currently trying to get Mommy to set up playdates with all the girls in her kindergarten class!
She loves horses, especially Tante Gisele's friends' horse 'Malachi', as well as My Little Pony and her Barbie horses. And unicorns too (what little girl didn't like unicorns or horses, eh?!)
She also enjoys helping Mommy in the kitchen. She has recently been named "Best Egg Cracker" by Mommy, since she helped Mommy make scrambled eggs this morning and there were no pieces of shell left behind!
Julie also enjoys baking cookies, eating pancake batter, and making toast. She's also started pouring milk from a 4 liter jug (only if it's half-full or less - thankfully!).
Probably the biggest change in her life up to now, has to be when she became a big sister.
Ashton was born on November 25th, 2003. She didn't quite get what he was all about when he was first born (she was still quite young - only 2 1/2 years old), but once he started crawling around and got into her toys & stuff, I don't think she loved him a whole lot!!
But thank goodness that changes, and she absolutely loves and adores her little brother. She still cannot properly pronounce his name - she says 'aston', but he doesn't speak well yet either, so he's okay (or 'otay' as he'd say it) with it!
Of course, there is so much more to Julie's life and there's just not enough room to tell you all about her. If there was one word or phrase to sum her up, I would have to say she is a passionate, beautiful, head-strong, funny, cute, and loving little girl. And, oh ya, she's definitely a sweetheart too!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Reminiscing of Mexico

My parents have just left for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico today and it brings back fond memories of our trip there last year.
Denis and I went there last February for 2 weeks and we had a blast. It was so beautiful there, the weather was fantastic (30'C and sunny everyday), and the food absolutely delicious.
I am sure that mom and dad will have a great time in Puerto Vallarta too. Boy do I wish I was there now, especially with the impending winter storm upon us for tomorrow! Oh well, maybe some other time we'll go back there! Just hope that dad remembers to wear sunscreen (he goes from white to red in 60 seconds!) and that they both remember 'tip well' and say 'no gracias' often!